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Five Star Fence Services in Honolulu, HI

A new fence is a worthwhile investment for any property owner. A quality fence will add value to your home or business by adding security, privacy, and an attractive new feature to your home. We believe that fences should not only be functional, but also look good. We work with various quality materials to create gorgeous new fences, but we can also repair your existing fence.

Image by Tracy Adams

Fence Installation

Installing a new fence is the perfect way to make your property feel more private and secure. Depending on your needs, we can install wood, iron, aluminum, or vinyl fencing. We can help you choose a fence style that suits your home’s overall style. 


Fences deter theft, creating a clear border around your property. They can also help you keep your pets or small children safe, preventing them from wandering away. A well-made fence can even boost your home’s curb appeal and value.


Our team also includes a deck builder with the skill to design a custom fence that enhances your backyard and looks perfect on your property.

Fence Repair

There are several types of fence repairs you may need, depending on the type of fence and the damage it has sustained. We often see broken or damaged boards, and we can replace those with new ones to ensure the fence is intact. Rust and corrosion are another common threat, as are uneven gaps in the fence. Our team will inspect the fence itself and its hardware to address any hidden issues. We take a similarly thorough approach to deck repair.

Repairing your fence will maintain your property's safety, privacy, and appearance. Our expert craftsmen will provide seamless repairs and ensure that everything is working as it should.

Contact us for fence installations and repairs in the Honolulu, HI, area. Our construction company can provide a quote before we start working!

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